Using the 3D Webpage Visualiser

This is a gadget that helps you to find your way around the website.

A Cool Tool for Navigation

  • To start it running, click the "bat" icon at the bottom of any page (it looks like the graphic symbol above).
  • The 3D browser uses the Morcego 3D Network Browser (external link)
  • It provides a 3-dimensional representation of the information in the wiki website.
  • By showing you resources beyond your current page it helps you to navigate around the site.

Using the 'Morcego Applet'

  • If you clicked the bat icon, something may have already happened...(or not)...
  • You may need to wait a minute or so for the display window to open.
  • Once the Morcego applet window opens, you should see a constellation of little moving balls and words.
  • Each little ball represents a page in our website.

Having Fun with the Display

  • You can make the constellation ROTATE by dragging the mouse onto empty space (view the graph from different angles)
  • Try dragging fast and releasing, as though throwing a ball. The graphics will continue spinning.
  • Make it GET INFO by holding the mouse cursor over a node (ball), and it will resemble a hand.
  • If there's more information available about that node (ball), a description box will appear.
  • Make it NAVIGATE. When you click onto a node it will go to the centre. A new galaxy of nodes will appear.
  • (It's worth waiting for). Clicking on the central node will open its webpage in your browser window.
  • You can check out how a node influences its neighbours by MOVING A NODE. Simply click on a node and drag it.
  • The network will find its own equilibrium.


  • No window appears
    If nothing at all seems to happen when you click the bat icon (a popup window should appear) then you may have a "popup-blocker" installed.
    This should give you the ability to add to the list of site allowed to open popup windows.
    See your popup-blocker's (external link) documentation on how to do this.
  • A window appears with (either) nothing in it, a picture of a coffee cup or an icon representing a missing browser plugin
    This probably means you do not have Java installed on your system or it is out of date.
    Go to (external link) and follow the instructions.
  • When you click on the centre node, the page doesn't go to what is written on it
    Do you have other pages open in the background?
    Perhaps one of those is responding correctly, but you haven't seen it
    Find the page and put it in front of the others.
  • If it doesn't work and it's due to something other than the above then please let me know.