The Aims of Au

An overview of our general intentions

Making the impossible (more) possible

  • We want to turn ‘vicious circles’ into ‘virtuous circles’.
  • We aim to achieve this by developing a metadesign system
  • We aim to join things that make us happy with things that co-sustain us.
  • We aim to make the ‘impossible’ more thinkable.
  • This means daring to dream beyond what we believe to be attainable.

...we envisage a transformative world...

  • We do not see technological nor political problems as the first hurdle.
  • It is a psychological barrier that we can overcome, collectively.
  • We need to find out what we really want (and need).
  • Once we know this we can cooperate to make it real.
  • Many good ideas fail for subtle or complex reasons.
  • See, for example, Hardin's (1969) Tragedy of the Commons (external link). making dreams more shareable...

  • If we co-imagine the dream in a more shareable form...
  • If we exchange dreams and join them together...
  • If enough people were to do this...
  • We would achieve a global ‘synergy of synergies’ (Fuller, 2005).
  • Politics would be more positive, spontaneous, co-creative and emergent.