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I managed to log-in once, but now it won't let me...
Have you checked that your username and password are exactly what you used before?
Are you using your computer's facility for automatically remembering and filling in passwords?
Sometimes computers will store a series of your initial attempts...(some of them incorrect).
I can remember my user name but not my password?
Try clicking the "I forgot my password" link just under the login box (top right)
then follow the instructions on the email we will send you.
I can't remember my password or my username
In that case just get in touch and tell us the email you used to register (or even just your name) and we'll try and help you out.
Please resist just re-registering as then you will have two accounts, two histories, two user pages etc (and it's impossible to join them back together again).

User info etc

I have noticed everyone's user pages pop up at the bottom of the page but mine doesn't - what do I need to do?
Your userpage is defined by the system - you need to go to your user preferences page and click on the "create" link next to where it says "Your personal Wiki Page". This will create the page with the right name.

While you're there go to the "General preferences" tab and make sure that "User information" is set to "public" and "Show user's info on mouseover" is ticked (and don't forget to click "Change preferences")

More coming soon...

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