Some of the other Participants

Artmongers (external link)

Artmongers produce vibrant and eye-catching large scale pieces of public art as well as providing artistic input and solutions to the recycling industry.

For DD06 Artmongers will be exhibiting their unique Cowbins (external link) – a recycling project which resulted in collaboration with Source Communications and Taylors.

Cockpit Arts (external link)

For one weekend in September this hidden gem will be opening its doors, offering you the opportunity to see behind the scenes; explore the studios; meet the designer-makers; and buy or commission the latest in interior and fashion design. Also on site will be Café RSVP and an information point for other events taking place in Deptford.

Just a few stops away on the DLR, Cockpit Arts has also commissioned two Deptford designer-makers to create site-specific installations for the Canary Wharf Window Galleries in Cabot Place.

Committee (external link)

Committee will be showing their now famous Kebab Lamps.
The Committee Kebab Lamp stands are made by skewering a collection of found objects, antiques and other miscellany no longer in use with the aim of delighting the viewer with an explosion of colour and reference. Built as a totem of improbably varied materials, the lamps are carefully composed to contain stories and meanings amongst the eclectic objects they include and consequently each lamp is unique and filled with pieces from different eras that allude to the constant turning of fashion and style.

FiveToNine (external link)

This year Deptford Design Festival has focused on Creekside, so FiveToNine? has collaborated with Openshaw Design to produce temporary street signs that dress the street and flag up the five main venues.

FiveToNine? produces affordable print design for the arts, business, youth and community projects and individuals. We offer branding, illustration and image manipulation, produce artwork for anything you can print on, and specialise in event advertising. We also mess around with making "art".

At Framework Gallery five independent designers have come together to present an exhibition of their work. Ranging from product design and calligraphy to jewellery and textiles. Some work will be on sale at the show while other designers work to commission.

Goldsmiths, University of London (external link)

Exhibition presenting work of Goldsmiths MA Critical Practice (Design) and MRes in Design. The work stretches across different practices and uses design to critique social forms and cultural practices.

Greenwich University - Multimedia Technology BA

Greenwich University will be exhibiting work by some of their undergraduates from the Multimedia technology course.

Goldsmiths Graduate work (external link)

Greenwish Village UK (external link)

Greenwich Village is a designer furniture retailer and distributor in the UK for over 12 leading brands including Edra, Catellani & Smith and Pastoe. Greenwich Village represent and brand manage some of the leading European design manufactures and believes in delivering innovation with cutting edge stylish design.

Greenwich Village will exhibit cutting edge interior designs at their Deptford base.

Hut F (external link)

Hut F are group of 6 dynamic young Goldsmiths designers, a collective multi-disciplinary ‘family’ studio. Our democratic and open approach to design, allow boundaries of disciplines to be blurred; graphics find a path to furniture and products evolve into narratives. This movement of creativity realises a freedom of concepts and ideals that allow the finished pieces to stand on their own.

In Vitro (external link)

InVitro Designs make unique glass furniture, interior features and sculptural objects.
InVitro Designs will be hosting an open studio for the duration of DD06 and will make their work available for sale, direct to the public.

Openshaw design (external link)

Openshaw Design specialises in print media designs and are experienced in the creation of visual communications of all kinds. An active interest in political and cultural issues enables Openshaw Design to do so from an informed and sympathetic perspective.

New Cross Gate New Deal for Communities (external link)

Plans for a new multi million pound health and cultural centre will be on show during DD06. The exhibition documents the architectural competition to select a designer for a health and cultural centre as part of a major regeneration programme for the area.

The development will be health-focused and anticipates the emerging Government policy for integrated health care and community facilities. The ambitious brief includes an 8 GP doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, dentist, library, café, crèche artist’s spaces, housing and a major new public space, which is identified as one of the London Mayor’s 100 spaces.

The exhibition also documents the existing buildings and last remaining tenants who give their views on live in 1950’s style housing and their thoughts moving to a new development near by.

Raw Nerve (external link)

Raw Nerve is a design collective based on Creekside, SE8. At Raw Nerve’s core is a management team who bring together specialities in brand strategy, graphic design, digital media, animation, music and film.

Raw Nerve will be hosting Café RSVP in Cockpit Arts, Creekside and will also be taking RSVP to Spitalfields for the duration of the London Design Festival.

RSVP (external link)
RSVP is a quarterly networking event organised by Raw Nerve. The intention is to create awareness about the wealth of creative business and talent in the Deptford area. RSVP also includes a website that provides a visual map, which can be explored to discover an array of businesses, services and individuals from the Creative Industries, operating in Deptford.

For DD06 RSVP will be hosting Café RSVP in Cockpit Arts, Creekside as well as also having a presence at Spitalfields.

Spectrecom Films (external link)

Spectrecom Films is an independent multimedia production company. – They are at the forefront of corporate communications, developing highly effective communication solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Spectrecom will operate a screening room from their studios where they will show a variety of films by local film makers.

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