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Lakshmi dreams that films will become higher realities

Lakshmi Narayan

The Awakening

The idea of making a film is like a train that has been waiting in the station for me for a very long time. I’ve been reluctant to climb aboard this train. But the whistle kept blowing, and my vision for what can be created with this medium has gotten clearer over the years. So I hopped on.

Underneath the stories of pleasure and pain that we live, there is another movement happening—a movement of consciousness in time­. The journey is one of division into periods and into forms. A journey from blindness to vision. From ignorance to wisdom. From alienation to love.

At some point in her life-time(s), an individual becomes aware of this process of awakening and the journey takes on momentum and critical mass.

Keys are found and doors open—across time and culture.
The person in question begins to see that there are bridges to understanding that are fragmented and buried in the story of many cultures. Perhaps some of these associations resonate in the context of a past-life memory or a feeling of inexplicable familiarity. One’s own “Body of Knowledge”—this very flesh awakens to a celebration of the cosmic principles of life. Belief systems and values within the single lifetime collapse and are reintegrated over-and-over, leading to many rebirths in one life.

Are Movies Artificial Dreams?

Movies are a perfect metaphor for this movement. Light projected on a screen through a filter, creating a story, that is, ultimately, an illusion. During my own journey, I’ve understood something about this as revealed in sacred geometry, the spelling of words, and archetypes. This understanding is transformative. It has a consistent and demonstrable logic to it. It is a code. You could call it the genius code.

Like DNA, it is a pattern which informs. The inter-connections between apparently dissimilar things or people. The levels of spontaneous unfoldment in a process. While words alone can never do them justice, these relationships can be shown, in the context of a story in a holographic medium like film.

Popular movies like Pi, The Matrix and Contact have been made on the idea of another reality. They often disintegrate into paranoia or violence, or into dualistic good guy/bad guy themes. There are myths about individuals who have achieved enlightenment. But the story is usually about the personality and not the process. The process itself is timeless, and is happening to us even when we are ignorant of it. It has relevance to our time because it is largely forgotten as a human evolutionary purpose.

21st century films have the technology to make the inner mind manifest, and to make visible truths that we can see with our inner eye. The light body, chakras, the archetypes that greet you along the path, the movement of energy, the loving inner intelligence that leads. In our own lives we have stories galore that include such experiences.

Our current world story is polarized, with many factors that threaten life on the planet reaching critical mass, and some of those factors are hanging in the balance of human awareness.

Dreaming at a Higher Level

I’d like to tell stories that can expand human awareness and our collective wisdom. A different kind of story, which might have the same kind of conflict and crisis driven plot, but the storyline is focusing on a higher truth. In a moment of extreme crisis/drama, the protagonist’s choice transcends the whole equation, and the protagonist, the story, and the audience ‘ascend’ to a higher level of consciousness.

original August 2000 - revised Dec. 05

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