John Wood's IDEAS PAGE

Mainly to help John to get a grip on new - yet forgettable - possibilities

Re-tweaking the wicky

- a few points in advance of our meeting with Jonny/Anette/JW on 21st November

  • Horizontal lines to be blue (same colour as headings) [done]
  • Bullet points range left (less indent) - also to be 'headings' blue [done]
    • second-ranking bullet points to be shown as a hyphen/dash (if this is easy) [grey ok?]

Another heading

  • H1 font to be black - all subsequent lower sizes to be blue [odd (they're actually H2s now - done]
  • Automatic author information under the bottom line to be hidden (less messy) [switched off for now]
  • Revise decision on font - is this wysiwig or does it depend on user's settings? [let's discuss - too big? or what?]
  • (AL) - could we please set up the camera to do wide-angle lens, full-body photos of each of us, shot from above?
    These would become the basis for higher quality avatar icons
  • Is it possible to bring these smileys down into the line, (i.e. not superscript), so that it does not interrupt the line separation?
    • The m21 team: AL AS HJ JB JBk JL JW MT [done]


  • (Horizontal) epistemological axis that runs from 'granular' to 'wave-based' description
    • 1) new-knowing
    • 2) languaging
    • 3) envisioning
    • 4) pushing-doing
  • (Vertical) ontological axis that runs from
    • 1) materials / energy
    • 2) action / organization
    • 3) meaning / thought
    • 4) (spiritual) Source of creation