Dr. Ken Fairclough

  • Ken is a Consultant Epistemologist who is also referred to as a Value Alchemist.
  • He spent the first 10 years of his career exploring command and control systems with the defence community.
  • During this time he led a team that solved complex design problems using a design philosophy labelled REDS.
  • REDS was the first Eco-Mimetic "engine". It was one of many toolsets to grow solutions to complex problems
  • He has also worked across a wide range of sectors encompassing Central Governments, Corporate, SME and NGO's.
  • In these fields, many existing approaches had failed or under-performed in their application to large projects.


  • In 1992 Ken became a founder member of an Eco-Mimetic community that he named Eco-Zen.
  • The main characteristics of ecomimetic solutions are rapid delivery, adaptability and overall effectiveness.
  • Ken's role with the Eco-Zen community is as an overseer of technical efficacy and standards.
  • Another key criterion was to ensure that all ecomimetic tools are completely inter-operable.

Some Eco-Mimetic Tools

  • Sagacious Forest (epistemology)
  • Nature's Design Studio (evolved solutions)
  • BushCraft (Business Survivability and Sustainability)

The Versatility of Eco-Mimetics

  • Ken's Ecomimetic approach has been applied across a wide range of design situations:
  1. Aircraft design
  2. Powerplant design
  3. Economics
  4. Communications protocols
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Human Rights Frameworks
  7. Knowledge Quality
  8. Risk Management
  9. Command and Control systems
  10. Programme and Project Management
  11. Learning Tool-sets.

Previous Posts

  • Ken is a member of the complexity standards study Group F4C.
  • He has also worked as a government advisor for the knowledge economy.
  • He is former Chairman of the Knowledge Federation (transferred to central government) - the trade body for Knowledge Management and Knowledge Ecology industry.
  • He has held a number of senior positions within industry including:
  1. Managing Director (Hawkeye)
  2. Technical Director (Borland International)
  3. Chief Systems Engineer (RACAL)
  4. Managing Director (Centre for Risk Management)
  5. European Director (IDC)
  6. Technical Director (EMP - LLoyds of London)

Current work

  • Ken is currently exploring different species of MOSS (Measures of SuccesS) that have a major impact on the effectiveness of any solution.
  • He believes that nature can inspire solutions to many of today's strategic problems.
  • For example, environmental and global economic systems can both learn from nature's Clarity of Purpose i.e. survivability and sustainability.

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