Friday March 23rd workshop

What is Data and how can we Locate Synergies in Systems that Share it?


Some real and metaphorical resourcing tools used by the new knowing team might be:
Metaphors, story-telling, water deviner, pendulum, crystal ball, one-way ticket, music, dance, antenna, ouija board, magic mushrooms, brainwave readers, perfume, fortune cookies, play, telepathy, Iching, theromin, precognitive aids, face paint.


Some characteristics and qualities that might define and be helpful to the new knowing team are: embracing luck and serendipity, amplifying weak signs, trusting intuition, allowing an extended epistemology, travelling across paradigms, designing beneficial vacuums, giving space for telepathy, letting go, being courageous and humble, trusting each other, going where the fun is, perceiving the glass as half full, listening, understanding innate action, nurturing the somatic, using body language, welcoming the unknown.

Questions for the group

How can we design auspicious data generation?
How can we separate out helpful data from that which is irrelevant?
How can we bring out, interpret and visualise intuitive, intangible and ephemeral data without ‘killing’ it in the process?
How can we harness serendipity for auspicious data-sharing synergies?
How can we map data-sharing synergies below and above our radar of cognition?
How can precognitive data serve processes of adaptation?
How can we communicate intuitive data with enough authority to generate trust and commitment?

Possible main question to consider

How can we define and communicate intuitive/intangible data?

The team's current definitions of data-sharing synergies

Martin Woolley:
1. The systematic and creative integration of disparate information systems for the common purpose of generating new knowledge.
2. The fabrication of group purpose through the interweaving of disparate information sets.
3. Systematic methods for creatively mining and pooling raw information across time, space, subject domains and organisations, to common ends.

Ken Fairclough:
Short version - Un-caged, Serendipically mappable data roaming free in an ecological metaphor.
Technical version - Timely, context wrapped data that is serendipically mappable i.e actively capable of open intra-domainal transfer.
Data inhibiters - Ownership, Extinction, Black-holes, Fusion , (Absolute - Relative), QME

Mathilda Tham:
An auspicious coming together of the intangible where the result is bigger or more significant than a linear summing up of the individual components.

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