After Pines Calyx - interviews with the designers

Jordan's transcriptions of interviews with designers invited to the Pines Calyx event 2/3 April 2008

Transcription Key:

(x) = Interviewer asked question
{x} = Interviewee implied answer to question


1) Ayako Fukuuchi – 3.30pm 03/04/08
2) Colm Lally – 12.30pm 03/04/08
3) Emily Wilkinson – 12.30pm 02/04/08
4) Hyaesook Yang – 2pm 03/04/08
5) Jan-Marc Petroschka – 10am 03/04/08
6) Malcolm Evans – 9:15am 03/04/08
7) Michela Magas – 2pm 02/04/08
8) Nic Hughes – 10am 20/04/08
9) Nicola Wood – 11am 03/04/08
10) William Warren – 11am 02/04/08



(1) Q. What do you remember from the workshop?
(2) Q. What stood out for you during the workshop?
(3) Q. What were the best, or most engaging things about it?
(4) Q. Was there anything tricky / unhelpful / obstructive / irritating about the two days?


(5) Q. How did you experience working in an interdisciplinary team?
(6) Q. What was the distribution of contribution amongst the group?
(7) Q. Did you experience any synergistic moments with your group?
(8) Q. How did they (synergies) manifest themselves?
(9) Q. Did the teamwork generate any insight into how you work with a team?
(10) Q. How did you feel working with other people during the workshop?


(11) Q. How did the experience compare with your everyday (design work / practice)?
(12) Q. Was their anything you can take away from it that might inform your practice?
(13) Q. Did the workshop generate any insights about how you work as a designer?
(14) Q. Was there anything that was completely alien from how you normally work?


(15) Q. Which activities do you remember from the two days?
(16) Q. Was it accessible (a), usable (ua), useful (uf)?
(17) Q. Could you apply it somewhere else (e), i.e. in your own practice?
(a) Rhythms
(b) Cultural Props
(c) Parameters by Consensus
(d) Story-Telling
(e) Metadesign
(f) Making, Doing
(g) Positioning
(h) Metaphors


(18) Q. Did you feel you gained insight or learnt new things from other people in your group?
(19) Q. Did you feel you facilitated insight or taught things to people in your group?

Lasting Impressions

(20) Q. Have you thought about the workshop afterwards?
(21) Q. In what context have you thought about it?
(22) Q. Have you talked about it with someone else?
(23) Q. Who have you talked to and what did you talk about?
(24) Q. Did the workshop live up to your expectations?
(25) Q. How did you feel afterwards?


(26) Q. What would you need now? What might be a continuation or a next step?
(27) Q. Has your workshop in any way changed how you perceive your role as a designer?
(28) Q. How would you define Meta-Design?
(29) Q. Is there anything you would like to add?