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Describing the technology in use here

What is TikiWiki?

  • TikiWiki is a 'brand' or type of Wiki and content management system.
  • Wiki sites can enable visitors to create and edit a website's content and form.
  • They are somewhat like 'blogs' but allow many people to collaborate on the same pages. See our comparison page.
  • Au is currently running on TikiWiki Version 2.2

Why did we choose it?

  • TikiWiki (external link) is an open source project.
  • Open source production conforms to (and inspired) the idea of Open Design (external link).
  • TikiWiki offers a large number of options for a web site in an integrated package.
  • We are now using TikiWiki version 2 (as of October 2008)

Tickled by TikiWiki Technicalities?