Jonny Bradley's page

Technical Advisor and programmer for Attainable Utopias

I have been involved in computers and in what used to be called "multimedia" from long before it was really sensible! I started building calculators from kits when I was at school (in The Seventies!) and have played with just about every computer system that has emerged ever since - well, some of them anyway! Here are a few examples...

  • Initially working in broadcast television for various shows ranging from the "BAFTA award winning" seminal "yoof TV" programme Network 7 (external link) to ITV's long running game-show Catchphrase (external link)
  • In 1994 I helped set up Automatic Television (external link), now one of London's longest established multimedia facilities companies.
  • After that, and in amongst building numerous web sites for small to medium sized companies (such as Dalsouple (external link)) and art projects (for example The Agreement (external link)), I worked on creating the "player" technology behind Internet TV pioneers Narrowstep (external link).
  • I am now focussing my efforts on various collaborative art projects and am involved in this project in the hope of creating (or finding) some "virtual utopias"!
  • Currently I am working on several commissioned art works with Svein Flygari Johansen in Norway. I am starting to put a site up about it. It's currently at (external link) (and, of course, very unfinished!)

"We'll all get well" (Captain Beefheart)