m21 Tasks on 12th October 2007

The first Friday workshop for designing Avatars that would operate as virtual coordinators

This was a successful day!

  • Anette led a very productive workshop meeting with Hannah, Julia, Batel and John W (John B joined us briefly at the end)

How can we design to synergise team membership?

  • At present, the wiki puts us partially in touch with current activities (see above illustration)
  • This is thanks to the sterling efforts of Jonny. The next question.....can we go further?
  • YES...by offering a user-interface that is more intuitive, responsive and anthropomorphic

A First step: by creating appropriate team-type Avatars

  • At some point we may merge JohnW's comments with Jonny's advice
  • All of the 4 (original) human team coordinators collaborated (2 virtually, 2 in person)


  • In order to write a design brief for 4 distinctive/mutually complementary avatars
    we made maps of their semantic qualities:
  1. 1. envisioning avatar
  2. 2. new knowing avatar
  3. 3. languaging avatar
  4. 4. pushing-doing avatar
  • Anette will upload her photos to the wiki
  • We may ask Mathilda if she would kindly develop 3 more Avatars, based on her beautiful prototype
  • All of the above turned into these avatar workshop outputs
  • JW suggested we work with a friendly graphic design company to develop the 4 animated logos
  • And/but .... (comments/suggestions why not wiki them on this page please)
  • One possibility is the company Pretty (external link) - who were once Goldsmiths design students
  • One of the directors (Toby Stokes) created this screen font Tiresias (external link)