The m21 Project's First Quarter

PDR's Evaluation Summary (after the Evaluation Meeting on 13-7-7)

Main points:


  • The workshops so far have provided a good scaffolding for us to build on.
  • While the structure of the first session in the four groups works well, with participants using their examples as a starting point for the discussion, the second session is less clear and needs more development /explanation.
  • Need to create a clearer framework for the workshops, i.e. explanation packs beforehand, explaining better aims etc.
  • Need to establish a stronger and clearer definition of the four groups before we begin the discussions within them.
  • maybe have a minute of meditation/tuning-in before discussions begin?
  • Having a base point in the synergy sessions was good
  • We need to be able to identify beforehand what points may emerge within the workshops
  • Need to make participants feel comfortable
  • It’s ok to be abrasive
  • Know how to turn disagreements into creative challenges
  • Tools are underdeveloped
  • Need follow-up for participants after workshops
  • Need to transmit achievements from workshops more openly
  • Maybe put a flag up during workshops to single-out immediate achievements/discoveries?
  • Need extrinsic (not only intrinsic) value from workshops

Possibilities for Wisdom? workshop

  • Allow more people in each group so that people can be ‘butterflies’
  • Allow people to choose their own group
  • Conduct smaller exercises which reveal what each group’s role is
  • How to use constellations?
  • Dissolve the four groups?

Project structure

  • As we go up the synergy orders, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between the four groups
  • Re-naming the groups?
  • Establish a stronger definition of the project: its main aims, goals etc. and dismiss the points that are less important.
  • How do we know when we have been successful?
  • Are we targeting only the creative industries/designers?
  • Develop a matrix of attributes that can spot synergy: (1)In the whole group (2)In a specific task/group
  • Is Metadesign transformative?
  • Need to establish the viability of the eco-principles
  • Is higher order higher maintenance?
  • Need to establish a system that will eliminate the need for editing
  • Need to establish a system for alternating people from being ‘insiders’ to being ‘outsiders’
  • Assign to an “open source” protocol do that everyone associated with us can agree to be part of it.
  • Prepare a clear presentation of the project that we can put on the web and use in different occasions.

What we can fosterOutcomes
Group healing roleSymbiosis
Self reflexive integrity/ honestyLoyalty
DependabilityRespect for group