m21 Team Meeting

Closed meeting to be held on 14th March 2008

We will use a PowerPoint clock

  1. Each participant tells their perspective of the Pines Calyx event through a short 10 minute presentation.
  2. We give no generic formula for this and all are able to tell their story in a way that is individual and meaningful to them.
  • HOWEVER.....As a guide we could use Matilda and Annette's Five levels of processing: -

Level 1. Sensual 2 minutes

  • Prompt: What did you see, what did you smell, what did it feel like, what were the sounds?

Level 2. Factual 2 minutes

  • Prompt: What did you learn, what facts did you find interesting?

Level 3. Connectivity/systemic/the outside world 2 minutes

  • Prompt: How did what you learnt relate to the outside world, other systems, what are the relations between the talks?

Level 4. Future – what ifs 2 minutes

  • Prompt: How might you apply what you learnt and experienced to a futures perspective, How can they be applied to Metadesign events in the future?

Level 5. Summary – retell and review 2 minutes

  • Prompt: What is your story?
  • Continue drawing. Everybody has to take part. We need a big piece of paper and all can draw on it!

Documenting the presentations

  • 10.10 John Wood
  • 10.20 Jonny B (via Skype)
  • 10.30 Annette
  • 10.40 Hannah
  • 10.50 Coffee
  • 11.00 John B
  • 11.30 Mathilda
  • 11.40 Julia
  • 11.50 Group discussion
  1. In silence, the others listen to the telling, but one member of the group takes notes/draws.
  2. This person changes with each speaker.
  3. The whole telling is observed by an outsider <?>

1.00pm LUNCH

2.00pm - 3.00pm - Planning for our Metadesign Talk on Monday 17th
3.00 - 5.00 Space for discussion, evaluation of data gathering, reflection on day's events and uses of tools

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