M21 Meeting - 15th August 2008

A brief, non-essential meeting for anyone who found it helpful to work at the Goldsmiths site


10am - Update on the tools book
10.15am - update on the editing progress
10.30am update on the project plan
11am - break
11.15am - Writing up tools


  • 2pm - Meeting with MADF metadesign workshop co-ordinators to discuss the LDF workshop
  • 3pm - Working on finishing tools write up/ editing footage from PC
  • 4pm - Meeting with Daria Cantu who has set up a new service design company with Liat Rogel called Seeds-Design (external link)



Hi Guys,

Was thinking about the 3-fold book and the different parts - wherof part 1- the casestudies, and wondered how we evaluate the outcomes, e.g. the final presentations at Pines calyx with the process we designed for them. What is the benefit of working with open processes? Pines calyx was open-ended, in opposition to processes Malcolm Evans mentioned in the industry where the outcomes are pre-designed and the workshops are a framework for steering towards the desired outcome.

Hope this makes sense, but as I can't remember us talking about this aspect I thought it might be worth addressing.

X Anette