m21 Team Meeting

Closed meeting to be held on 18 January 2008

10.00am-1.00pm - Co-authorship Workshop with Julia

1.00pm LUNCH

2.00pm - Pines Calyx workshop planning
4.15pm - review of the day's progress

Days conclusions

Julia's presentation - very insightful, brought up important issues about co-creative processes
Practicalities - how do we get to the site? sleeping arrangements, dinner
Roles and expectations from the invited experts
John B - seven step process for the workshop procedure
Participant designers and their attributes - how do we divide them into groups?
Criteria for questionnaire - before and after workshop
Profiling of participants - how do we decide on a meta-design profiling list?
Cog's ladder (group developmental process) to help us choose tools and their timing within the workshop
Participants wear alternating hats or hold books - for alternating roles

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