m21 Presentations and knowledge exchange

m21 - meeting of 18th April 2008 with invited guests Chokeanand Bussracupakorn and Emily Wilkinson


  • 10.00am -12.00pm News / Discussion / Fine-tune Plans for day
  • Call for papers
  • Fixing important dates
  • Agreement of delegation of work
  • Identify need and plan for external help
  • Update on feedback from Pines Calyx
  • Technical issues surrounding video editing / database
  • Make Photos smaller so that they can be uploaded
  • discuss scribes notes - possible moments of synergy


  • 12.00pm - 1pm Preparation for establishing 'unedited' video genre
  • Preparation of interviews for Clive Dilnot and Emiliy Wilkinson

2 Visitors

  • 1.00pm Lunch with our guests


  • 2.00pm Chokeanand - outlines his research and aims
  • 2.15pm (JW) - PowerPoint + Anette/Jonny? (Video) to introduce the m21 project - rehearsal for Monday pm (Clive)
  • 2.20pm Jordan - summary of methodological issues
  • 2.40pm Emily - her aims and interests

  • 3.00pm tea
  • 3.10pm individual/paired tasks (analysis of Pines-Calyx event)
  • 4.30pm round-up - discussion / comments / tasks for following week
  • 5.00pm pub