Meeting on Friday 2nd February 2007

10am -12Noon

Briefing and de-briefing session
J.Wood to give overview to core team on the whole project
HJ to give short report on Manchester conference
JW to give short report on recent Gwangju consultancy
MT to give short report on relevant videoconferencing consultancy

12Noon - 1pm

Writing up/Admin session and/or coordinator discussions
Coordinators to evaluate Ken Fairclough's video clip and discuss
Mike Stoner attending to discuss design of tables
Coordinators to discuss membership of their groups up until 6th April
Coordinators & JW to evaluate Phase 1 and revise Gannt Chart

1pm - 2pm


2pm - 3pm

Skyping/Emailing (and/or meetings with technical/admin)
Jonny Bradley attending to discuss technical/recording equipment
JBkw to update on visit to Video Nation regarding recording equipment
HJ & AL & AS to discuss organisation/archiving

3pm - 4pm

AS to update on the implications of FEC
A.S. & J. Wood & J. Backwell to discuss distribution of funds and first year financial strategy
AS to process orders via Department