Today we analyzed the outcomes from the Data-sharing workshop and began to postulate what 'information' and 'information-sharing synergies' may entail.


A few points that we discussed in relation to information:
-Information - information is about giving form to data
-Information is always context-specific
-The relation between information and communication
-Information is "floating around"
-Once it is integrated within it then becomes knowledge
-Information is about regulating and organizing data (and maybe 'compressing' data?)

Information-sharing synergies

We indetified 4 main types of information sharing synergies:
1. Linear/predictable
2. Emergent/unpredictable
3. Augmented/Dynamic
4. Phase transition/tipping point

Ideas for the workshop on Information-sharing

-Mathilda suggested that we take the concept of sustainability as our 'case-study' to investigate in the workshop, instead of talking abstractly and generally about information.
-This will allow us to investigate the informatical aspects of sustainability and may give us new insights into how to synergize 'sustainably'
-We can open the workshop with an open-space synergy, where everyone can bring concrete examples of (sustainable) information-sharing synergies and then experiment with examining them in 4 different cognitive-styles exercises.
-This will give people the opportunity to decide in which group they wish to participate, as well as provide an openning 'ice-breaker'.
-Each group needs to adopt a more distinct method of working (not necessarily a discussion), so coordinators are welcome to bring their suggestions next week.
-In the end of the first session, each cognitive group must present its identity to an outsider (Batel or John), in order to make sure that they have formed an 'identity' and now ready to synergize.
-The next session, where synergies between the groups take place, will be conducted as a matrix, so that one person (coordinator) stays in the group and person 2 and 3 move to the next and previous groups. In this way, we will have 3 different group representatives in each new group.
-This will allow a more dynamic synergy to occur, where at each point 2 people discuss their 'relation' while the third person acts as an outsider/facilitator.
-The final session will be an overall synergy, where the groups come together and each 'new' group presents its discussion to the rest of the group.

Key text: Relevance and Cognition, Sperber and Wilson