The Idea of Metadesign


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Speakers - 29th June 2007

10.00 - Batel Dinur? - what can metadesigners learn from ecology?
11.00 - Ian Grout (external link) - how can metadesign enhance the quality of life?
12.00 - Naomi Gornick (external link) - how can metadesign augment design management?

1.00 LUNCH

2.00 - John Wood (external link) - is synergy the best performance indicator for metadesign?
2.30 - Clive Dilnot (external link) – how would we recognise an ethics of metadesign?
3.10 - Ezio Manzini (external link) - Designing Networks & Metadesign
4.00 - Plenary session

Humberto Maturana's famous essay on Metadesign (external link)
Our notes on metadesign from this AU website
The Colloquium's philosophical and cultural context

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