m21 Research Day - 9th February 2007

1) Discussion with Mathematicians

We spoke to Prof. Mark d'Iinverno (external link) & Prof. Robert Zimmer (external link) of Goldsmiths Department of Computing (external link) - a wonderful first meeting

2) Meeting with 'Flip-Flop' (external link)

Discussions with Flip-Flop

  • This picture of a Minke Whale sculpted out of flip-flop sandals washed up in Kenya
  • 'Flip-Flop' (external link) is a green enterprise (external link) manufacturer that uses flotsam sandals as its raw material
  • Representing the company, Anna described its ethical business issues (external link) behind its strategy, aims, and products
  • How to enhance its synergy in order to improve its survival potential as a Fair Trade (external link) company?

  • m21 informally agreed to develop some tools that might support the company's initiative
  • 'Flip-Flop' (external link) informally agreed to become a case study for m21

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