The river of achievements

This is an unfinished planning page for the intended research outcomes of m21

See our star qualities and outcomes from our identity workshop

See the publication and conferences list of m21

Writing up and editing the three-fold tools book

As yet unscheduled tasks

  • Toolbox day
  • Tools day
  • Threefold book audiences mapping workshop
  • I week intensive internal workshop

Tasks beyond the official (funded) end of the project

  • The end of the project will be celebrated by a staggered series of 'launch' publications, services and products
    • 1. A commercial consultancy <?>
    • 2. High quality, edited videos/DVDs (how many?)
    • 3. A high quality book on the philosophical aspects of metadesign (MIT Press?...edited by Clive Dilnot & Au?)
    • 4. A book on the strategic aspects of implementing a metadesign profession (MIT Press...edited by Naomi G. & Au?)
    • 5. A handbook of practical recommendations, findings, and methods
      This would be a threefold book

Notes about threefold book

The casual, the expert, the interested, the designer, (the funders)
Scholarly but accessible
Internal and external accounts
Different reader journeys
The book may come accompanied by a dvd
John Chris Jones, The Internet and Everyone; Roger Penrose, The Road to Reality; World Changing; Massive Change
Possible publishers
Earthscan, Intellect, Blackdog, Blackwell, Cambridge Press, Thames and Hudson

Analysis tasks

Inventory of what we have already got (footage, scribes notes, tools, printing wiki)
Previous reports, scribes notes, evaluations, posters, wiki, case studies
Documentations of interviews and lectures
Writing up the internal experience of researchers

Questions to resolve for editing of film

What is the purpose of the film?
Do we want snippets of examples of tools in use, examples of synergy moments?
Might Tagging video framelink system work here?
Will a DVD accompany the threefold book?
Is it a film about metadesign, synergy, process, tools?
Can we learn from Teachers TV, Demi?
Either way we go, making storyboards before editing is probably a good idea.

Outcomes/outputs after January 2009

Launch - April 2009 including threefold book
Metadesign book – autumn 2009
Collaborative writing book – spring 2010
Funding might be considered for e.g. hyper text book, and self-editing meta tagged film system

Future proofing of report (and post funding)

Future clients
Future climate
Future work practices
Editor/Author Guidelines
eco-principles page - anyone seen it recently?