Dream Exchange Improvements

Summer 2007: How can we get more Dreams submitted?

Some strategies

Things we could quite simply do to get more people to submit their dreams

More visitors
Getting more people to come to the site for a start should increase activity.
Obviously all the following points should be done first!

Better/simpler submission page
Some sort of wizard with lots of help would be a good idea - more on that below.

Don't require "joining" to submit a dream
At the moment you have to register and log in to add a dream
Probably counter-productive.

Explain that we don't really mean Dreams
I think using the term "dream" is misleading and sounds like we want to hear what happens to people when they are asleep.
More explanation might help, or using a different term for it?
(Must check through what's already there, probably is explained somewhere)

More examples
We need to find and add more examples, and make them look good.

Show it can be useful
For people who are trying to live their dream this can provide useful links and publicity about their project, and put people together in a synergistic way! au_o

New Dream exchange wizard

  1. Enter a few details about yourself (optional and with a notice about privacy)
    This would count as "registering" so they don't have to do it again.
  2. Enter a title for your dream
  3. Enter a short synopsis
  4. Enter the main story
  5. Upload an image
  6. Review and edit

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