We all have a choice

Whatever we do in life changes life as we know it.

My dream is that people realise that this is the case.
My dream is that people 'choose to choose'.
In becoming more aware of the act of choosing, people will realise that they have a choice in what they create.

Ultimately, we may unwittingly create our own heaven (or hell) on Earth

The nightmare version of the dream is Hell
"Hell", stems from an old English word: "Helling off", which means "to isolate".
This is comparable to the French word "Enfer", from "Enfermer", which describes a Closed System. In a Closed System, no change takes place.
Till Hell freezes over is a tautology: a closed system is a kind of frozen state

An ideal version of the dream is 'heaven on Earth'

This is commonly known by the old Persion word for garden - 'paradise'.
The dream then is simple that people may realise that they are planters of paradise, by all that they do.

see Otto van Nieuwenhuijze's (external link) own website