Symbiosis is a way of life

My dream is that we live as a symbiotic society...

by Otto van Nieuwenhuijze

As a result of teaming up, together they could achieve what none could do alone.

Symbiosis, in a different form, we see also in the fusion of egg with sperm.
Alone, each may live for a day or three; once fused they can live for 120 years or so.

  • Lynn Margulis proposes that all mayor steps in development in the species were based on succesful symbiosis.

It led to a new form of life, able to live in a wider range than environments than before.

  • Our species has a major potential for Synergy.

By realising that all humans, together, function as the cells of a body; and that all cultures function as organs of the same body, it can be seen that all people, compose the organs, that together form the body of humanity as a whole.

  • At present our culture operates in quite a parasitical way.

We tend to be parasitic on the Earth, other species, each other and even on ourselves.
This cannot operate indefinitely.
My dream is that people will realise this, and live in symbiosis.
As Lynn Margulis says: that is a major step in evolution.


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