Complexity Profile

  • One important reason for projects not reaching fruition is ignoring the importance of complexity.
  • To this end we may sensbly ask ourselves how complex it is to evolve any 'AttainableUtopias'.
  • This is probably similar to asking about the "purpose of life"?.

  • Using the complexity profile standard m21-Tool-EvaluatingComplexity you can audit both 'relative' and 'absolute' levels of complexity in any situation.
  • The massive diversity in individual reality present in this case makes this assessment easy.
  • Evolving a system such as a sustainable community is massively complex and 'messy'.
  • To this end the Complexity profile must be at leastF3C? or m21-Tool-EvaluatingComplexity.
  • This means the toolsets we employ, including the continuum must be capable of dealing with complexity similar to that found in an ecological system.

This is 4 of 4 tools for the dream exchange. The others are:

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