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Dream Exchange Workshop

This event took place at Cockpit Arts (external link) as part of the Deptford Design Festival (external link)

on Sat. 16th September 2006

Dreaming in Deptford was fun

  • Local people shared visions and dreams at the Cockpit Arts (external link) studios.

Everyone can exercise their right to dream

  • Arguably, there has never been a more important time to dream
  • Imagine if there were no Political Parties, Civil Servants or Advertising Agencies....
  • What kind of world would you want for your children....and children's children...?
  • Without dreams, we risk falling asleep
  • We all have a right to dream
  • Maybe it's a responsibility...

Have we forgotten how to dream??

  • Today, 'freedom' means 'freedom of choice'. We have become 'choosers', rather than 'dreamers'.
  • As voters, our job is to choose a colour, in order to maintain the political system.
  • As consumers, we must choose the right fashions, food, and holidays
  • We must work harder, to consume more, to create jobs, to maintain the economy.

Your dream might wake us up

  • Wealth has not made us happier.
  • In fact, it is slowly killing us.
  • Economic growth means too many people living with too much stress,
  • It means travelling too far, too often, and too quickly for our own good.
  • Climate change and loss of biological species is the outcome of a dream-less society.

We are all creative

  • Is there a future? Lewisham is a Creative (external link) Borough.
  • How might we change the way we live?
  • Maybe it is not too late to decide how we really, really, really want to live.

People seemed to enjoy it

  • Visitors discussed their ideas about dreaming.
  • Artists invited them to make pictures of their dreams.
  • Some mystery celebs arrived.
  • The purpose is serious, but the event was a lot of fun.
  • There were prizes and some 'Licenses to Dream' to be won.

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