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the ds21 Workshop

go to (external link) the Design Council (external link)
21st March at 10.00am
34 Bow Street
London WC2E 7DL

The Key Stakeholders

There are two main stakeholders who will act as ‘clients’ or recipients for this exercise.

Lesley Morris

Lesley will represent the Design Council (external link), symbolically speaking. Lesley develops and manages the Council's higher education work. This is intended to help future designers and managers develop effective and relevant design skills. Lesley will host the event and we will make our findings available to her at the end of the day.

Andrew Carmichael

Andrew is Director of the Creative Lewisham Agency (external link), a unique office established for Andrew by the Mayor of Lewisham to recognise the large local presence of creative people from businesses, institutions and interest groups. Charles Landry had advised the Mayor (Dave Sullivan) that by emphasising creativity as a particular strength, Lewisham would be better able to develop its infrastructure, business, amenities, etc. The Creative Lewisham Agency was intended to operate as: “…a light footed organisation… its style should not be to seek to accrue power, but rather like an impresario… generate ideas, assess feasibility, trigger and help launch initiatives, seek synergies and in doing so devolve and sub contract wherever possible”. (Landry, 1999)

The 4 Creative Teams

Each group contains one coordinator and three 'link' members whose task is to maintain an effective creative liason with one of the other groups. This should ensure that each group is intimately bonded with all of the others. There will be other rapporteurs who can maintain communication between the centre (Andrew's stakeholder table) and each of the four team tables.

GROUP 1 - New Knowing

Prof. Karen Blincoe (Director ICIS) (Coordinator)
Jae Mather (Maidstone Environment Officer) (Link with 2)
Prof. Ranulph Glanville (PI, ds21 Research Project) (Link with 3)
Mathilda Tham (Trends Forecaster) (Link with 4)

GROUP 2 - Languaging

Prof. Naomi Gornick (Design Management expert) Coordinator
Denis O’Brien (Human Factors Consultant) Link with 1
Prof. Otto Nieuwenhuijze (Independent Research Scientist) Link with 3
Julia Lockheart (Director, WritingPAD) Link with 4

GROUP 3 - Pushing & Doing

Jan-Marc Petroschka (Architect) Coordinator
Richard Douthwaite (Economist / Journalist) Link with 1
Anette Lundebye (Designer) Link with 2
Adriana Eysler (Designer / Lecturer) Link with 4

GROUP 4 - Visioning

Prof. Milan Jaros (Mathematician) Coordinator
Hannah Jones (Artist / design theorist) Link with 1
Fabiane Perrella (Founder: Flour) Link with 2
Dr. Ken Fairclough (Management Epistemologist) Link with 3

GROUP 5 - Stake Holders

Andrew Carmichael (Creative Lewisham Agency)
Cecile (MindMapping archivist)
Kevin (Observer)
Lesley Morris (For the Design Council)

GROUP 6 Observers /Archivists

Ann Schlachter (Administrator) Notation
Design Council Technical


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