Our Dream Exchange Workshop

September 16th at the Cockpit Arts (external link) in Creekside, London

Recent Events

Tools for metadesigning the Creative Cityau_g

a recent ds21 workshop

Design Council (external link) London, March 21, 2006

The Main Task

Developing Creekside (external link) as a Creative Community

an image from Cockpit Arts (external link) - next door to Creekside's Laban Centre (external link)

Our Contribution

We devised a new approach (i.e. some of the day's outcomes) for Andrew Carmichael (external link) of the Creative Lewisham Agency (external link)


The team had briefing notes that prepared them for the day's activities

The Hosts

The event was hosted by Lesley Morris (external link) who develops and manages the Design Council's higher education work.

Further details may be published, subject to permission from The Creative Lewisham Agency (external link)

Images from previous meetings of the ds21 group during 2005

The Previous Event

This ds21 event took place at the ICA

Special guests and recipients

. .
The Design Council (external link) | The Creative Lewisham Agency (external link) | Goldsmiths College, University of London (external link)

Sponsors and funding

This a Design for 21st C (external link) event, funded by the AHRC  (external link) and EPSRC  (external link)

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