Design Futures

  • Arguably, the first MA programme (external link) (1995) to introduce deep ethical and ecological perspectives into the design agenda.
  • It followed a similar BA(Hons) Design degree (external link) (1988) at Goldsmiths University of London.
  • It invites students to question and to challenge the status, role, purpose, agenda, and effectiveness of design.
  • It helps them to reconcile their professional aspirations with their responsibilities as a designer.
  • In inviting them to think beyond her specialist skills and assumptions it also invites them to think as an entrepreneur.
  • In 1999 Tony Fry wrote A New Design Philosophy, A introduction to De-futuring (external link),
  • In it he shows how corporate design deliberately create obselescence through design.
  • He is currently writing a book called 'Design Futuring'

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