A Glossary of Useful au_k Words

Some neologisms and definitions that link to ideas developing within this website

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  • Awkward Space may be a less negative idea than you might think
  • Bisociation Technique? is a design language tool for metadesigners
  • Contagious optimism is a rather polemical idea – but it’s inspiring!
  • Continuum is used as a concept for understanding the connectedness of things
  • Creative Democracy was orignally defined by John Dewey
  • Design is defined here in a way that suits our own purposes. (...we hope you like it)
  • Designing miracles represents the start of a longer process of creative thinking
  • Design synergy is a term we are trying to refine and develop
  • Ecological Footprint is a way to visualise the earth's ecological resilience
  • Eco-mimetics is an important idea that we hope to understand better
  • Entredonneur is a neologism that may usefully balance the word 'entrepreneur'
  • Handeln? - see wiki definition (external link) - fills some of the gap between theory & practice
  • Handlung? - see wiki definition (external link) - fills some of the gap between theory & practice
  • Idea is interesting in that it appears to reconcile material objects and mental events
  • Information-Sharing Synergies is a concept we are hoping to clarify through our m21 research
  • Interference Pattern is a term invented at an m21 workshop.
  • Jeong is an East Asian word describing special affinities
  • Lemkinise: this (invented) verb means "to introduce new concepts by designing new words"
  • OpenSource is a term borrowed (shamelessly) from the software development world
  • Meme was a word coined and used by Rupert Sheldrake, Richard Dawkins and others
  • Meta-design / Metadesign is a term used in different ways. (See our definition)
  • Degree of mutuality is an ethical evaluation process
  • Potential Realisation understanding one's own potential through helping others realise their own potential (Ken Fairclough, 2003)
  • Relonics is a term coined by medical innovator Dr. Vadim Kvitash to describe his relational mapping tools.
  • Self healing is a term used in alternative medicine, advanced material technology and mysticism
  • Serendipitous Space is an environment generated to capture the 95% of novel knowledge missed by contemporary epistemology
  • Sustainability is put in some doubt as to its usefulness in the 21st century
  • Sympoiesis is a term for acts of creative collaboration that are not fully planned.
  • Synergy is seldom used in a very clear way
  • Tetrahedron is a 3D form with special properties
  • Ubuntu The African notion of humaness
  • ZED standards are a useful benchmark for ecologically benign building

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