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The Design and Language (d+L) research group was initiated in 2004 to explore the way language influences and informs the outcomes of design. Despite its current ad hoc nature it is attracting interest and enthusiasm. It follows on from a 3 year (£250k HEFCE-funded) project called WritingPAD (external link) (i.e. Writing Purposefully in Art & Design) at Goldsmiths College (in association with Central St. Martins' College of Art (UoA), and the Royal College of Art).

Some Aims and Themes

On November 29th, 2005 we explored design and the language of dreaming. Present: John, Hannah, Julia, and students of the MA Design Futures programme.
On January 10th 2006 we discussed Lemkinism and the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

Founding members of the London 'DESIGN & LANGUAGE' Group

  • John Wood - Reader in design Futures, Goldsmiths College, Uni. of London:
  • Hannah Jones - Design Lecturer, Goldsmiths College, Uni. of London:
  • Karen Nicholls - English for Academic Purposes lecturer, Goldsmiths College, Uni. of London
  • Maziar Raein - WritingPAD researcher,
  • Christoph Raatz - WritingPAD Co-ordinator, Goldsmiths College, Uni. of London:

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