Protocols for dreaming

'imagine a more benign world that satisfies our deepest needs…but before we try to build emerges as if by magic.'

Sustaining diversity and mutuality

Mutuality and diversity are essential to possible utopias. If some participants are not beneficiaries of the system, then society is unlikely to advance. Transformative dreams are those that take others into consideration. We therefore offer the following seed POD protocols:

  • Potential
  • Obligations
  • Directives

Please contribute to these protocols by re-imagining them in your own preferred way.


OVERVIEW: “The ultimate arbiter to the success or otherwise of any socio-economic system is the extent to which that system realises its potential whilst meeting its obligations and directives.” (Ken Fairclough)


That we imagine/ensure a state of mutuality when dreaming. Hence we should consider the following role obligations:


should subscribe to, and follow a potentialist philosophy


should generate and sustain an environment that enables and encourages both individual and collective potential realization.

The Individual

should realise and accept that the only way to realise your potential is by ensuring others realise theirs.

Economically Useless Activities

To avoid involvement in any activity, process etc. that does not meet the other three obligations.
i.e. does not generate any value towards potential realization.
i.e. makes no contribution to the advancement of humanity.


For a dream to be useful it probably needs to fall under one of the following Directives:-

Purpose Dream (Societal Advancement)

Contribute to the survivability and sustainability of mankind and its environment whilst enabling society to realise its potential.

Performance Dream (Social Enrichment)

Contribute to the social enrichment and well being of every individual by respecting their individual reality and creating every opportunity for them to realise their potential.

Process Dream (Value Added)

Ensure that any process etc. that we are involved in is value added i.e. actively contributes value to the process of potential realization.

Resources Dream (Resource Husbandry)

Ensure that any resource (depleting or non depleting) we utilise is the minimum required to realise its potential.

Happy Dreaming! (Ken Fairclough_

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