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_Nature's Wisdom

Nature has been designing and field testing sustainable solutions to complex problems for billions of years. Sustainable because these solutions adapt and evolve to their environment. Natures technology is vastly superior to anything humanity has. The human brain is the planet's best computer, humanity has designed nothing like it. But nature not only has its technology, it also has the most effective approach to understanding socio-economic situations, ecology eco-systems.

Ecomimetics or Ecomimics moves humanity on from using nature as a biomimetic (biomimicary) look-up source for engineering, materials and medicinal solutions, to being inspired by and understanding the wisdom of utilising the system that designed these soluions in the first instance, Ecomimics.

Nature as an economic philosophy

Whereas biomimicary takes these solutions in isolation, generally without regard for their impact on the environment, Ecomimics is a systemic level philosophy, which considers the sustainability issues as its primary function. Capitalism in its current form can not deliver a global sustainable socio-economic system. However an economic level ecomimics based solution, if applied ecomimically would, if only for its clarity of purpose, that of survivability and sustainability.
Why? Beause the primary performance indicator and thus the Measure of Success (MOSS) are survivability and sustainability. Thus, you would be considered wealthly, not on the basis of resouce hoarding, but on the extent to which you enable society, in its broadest form, to realise its potential towards a sustainable and equitable future(s)

Nature as a meta design philosophy

Humanity needs a new meta-economic philosophy. Capitalism is extinct. I am reminded by the native american wisdom 'when riding a dead horse, dismount'
The wisdom is there. Humanity can solve the existing economic and environmental problems.
Ecomimics is market driven, it just that the MOSS is based on evolving a sustainable environment that enables humanity to realise its potential without the destructive, both in human and planetary terms.

Thus, all design of both tangible and in-tangible solutions should follow a single coherent sustainable meta-philosophy, ecomimetics.

Ecomimetics (ecomimics) is the only sustainable meta-design philosophy.

Daag Steiner


Biomimetics (biomimicry (external link))
Ecomimetics (ecomimicry (external link))

'Nature's Design Studio'
  • Nature has been "designing" and field testing viable solutions to operate in complex and hostile environments over many millions of years.
  • It is this experience, combined with human intelligence, that enables us to benefit from ecomimetics.
  • NDS is in sympathy with the environment.
  • The collective ecomimetic tools and techniques are generally referred to as Nature's Design Studio (NDS)

by Ken Fairclough

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