Getting Started

How to make this wiki website work for you

How can I avoid getting lost?

  • Wiki websites (external link) are good at encouraging collaborative authoring.
    They are therefore like wild gardens that soon become overgrown.
    If the gardener has been lazy you might need an assortment of handy tools:
  1. Use the 3D browser - click the 'bat' icon at the bottom of the looks like this:
  2. Let your mouse hover over gadgets you do not understand - it will offer a pop-up description
  3. Use the white Menu Buttons (above) to navigate.
  4. Use the Search Box (right-hand panel).
  5. Use the Backlinks Selector Box (bottom of page - next to the Eye icon)
    this shows all the pages that 'pointed' to this one
  6. Use the Bookmark Facility (right-hand panel - you would need to log-in first).

How to log in

  • EITHER click on the 'REGISTER' text under the dialogue box (above right)
  • OR click here then enter your name, email address and create your own memorable password.
  • If you have already logged on but forgot your password click 'forgot pass?" and fill in your details and the system will email you the necessary details.

I am nervous about logging-in

  • It is not essential to Log-in, but you may miss certain features unless you do.
  • In order to edit you must register a username, invent a password and log-in
  • Just follow the instructions carefully. Do not panic.
  • sorry...some pages may still be reserved areas, even when you have logged in.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have a problem.

Editing a page

  • After you have logged-in (see above)
  • Click the Edit sign at the bottom of the page
  • Have a look at some examples of basic formatting.
  • You can experiment in the Sand Pit. This is a page that cannot be saved.
  • When you click on the Edit button you will see a white text box surrounded by a blue border.
  • Type into this box and press 'SAVE' when ready.
  • CAUTION - if you 'double click' an orange WikiWord it does the same thing as clicking the 'edit' button - i.e. it will open it in an 'editable' text form, rather than as a display.


  • Click the blue "wiki help" button (bottom right) for full information.
  • A comprehensive HELP page will appear underneath the button itself

Following our Wiki Editorial Guidelines

  • Once you have made an entry you may like to make it compatible with our advisory standards


This will select the main content of the page for printing. (i.e. it will not print the menus, icons, or 'buttons'.

Still confused?