John Wood

John is Professor of Design and, before that, was Deputy Head of Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. He was also Visiting Professor of Lifestyle design at Nagoya University of Arts in Japan. He has launched several unique and innovative design degrees, including the BA(Hons) Design and the MA in Design Futures. He was co-founder of the ‘Attainable Utopias’ network, and helped to launch the ‘Writing-PAD’ (i.e. Writing Purposefully in Art and Design) network, which currently has over forty member universities. He is co-editor (with Julia Lockheart) of the forthcoming Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (Intellect Books).

Wood has published over a hundred articles and papers about aspects of environmental damage, consumption and design. An important aspect of his (re)search was driven by the need to enable designers to think more innovatively and responsibly about the implications of their practice. One outcome was the ‘IDEAbase’ authoring software application that was completed in 1994. His book “The Virtual Embodied” was published (Routledge) in 1998, and his 2008 book “Designing for Micro-Utopias” (Gower, ISBN 0754646084) reflects much of the Attainable Utopias vision. John is also Principal Investigator of the m21 project.

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