Key Term - Creative Democracy

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Did John Dewey coin the term 'creative democracy' in his 1939 essay The Task Before Us (external link)?
Is it applicable to Cybersyn (external link) project by Stafford Beer (external link) for an electronic democracy in Chile in 1970?
In 1998, John Chris Jones used the term for a book Creative Democracy, with extended notes to the future (external link)
Today it is increasingly associated with the emergence of altruistic, collaborative networks.
For example, the Creative Commons (external link) movement.
Perhaps we can find the political origins of these tendencies in anarchism (external link).
The role of design (external link) in the process is less than straightforward.
John Chris Jones has made a number of contributions to the idea of creative democracy (external link) ( methods for everyone (external link))
This trend seems likely to continue (see sixteen ways of thinking about web design (external link)).

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