Mathilda Tham

Professor Tham's work is situated in the space between trend-forecasting, fashion and sustainability. In her PhD project Lucky People Forecast (completed Autumn 2007) at the Design Department, Goldsmiths College, London, she explores how trend-forecasting, and a futures perspective, may empower environmental work in the fashion industry. With a background in fashion design, over the past twelve years she has worked as a trend-forecaster, advising a variety of firms including design, pr, advertising agencies and non-profit organisations on consumer habits and lifestyle issues. Mathilda is a visiting lecturer in design at Goldsmiths College and a frequent lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Design, London, and a Visiting Professor at Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm.

Mathilda's role within the M21 research project is to co-ordinate the New Knowing group.

Some of Mathilda's particular interests in the field of new knowing are:

  • How we can find amplifiers to weak signs, i.e. give form to intuition;
  • How metaphors can be used to share knowledge and to invite us into new spaces of understanding; and
  • How cognitive styles and an extended epistemology (see e.g. Heron 1997) can be embraced in knowledge sharing processes.

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