How does the New Knowing Group work?

It works at the intuitive, somatic, reflexive, and sensory level
It acts as a kind of unconscious mind for the whole team
It seeks new knowledge at an implicit, tacit, and other intangible levels
It embraces serendipity as an important space for the generation of new knowledge
Members of this group are usually required to to act spontaneously
They need to suspend their intellectual and critical faculties and 'feel' things
They are also asked to notice their own micro-reactions to events around them

Mathilda Tham (Coordinator) asks :

  • How can we know beyond our current paradigm?
  • How can we turn individual hunches and intents into outspoken group knowing and commitment?

A brief context:

Synergy is probably unknowable by individuals.
Even if a group could know synergy collectively it might have difficulties in summarizing its collective knowledge in any enduring way.
Likewise, although we have somatic knowing we cannot access it in a fully rational way.
Nevertheless, our intuitive insights can become integrated and shared in a variety of practical ways.
In other words we have distributed modes of knowledge but they will be co-creative and unsayable.
How can we make the unspoken intent outspoken?
We may be able to access some of that which is out-of-reach of our conscious mind, individually or collectively.
Innovation emerges from beyond what is already realized. Dialogue elicits what is within.
By addressing the unknown, or by seeking that which is yet to be known we release ourselves from preconceived ideas.

We are currently working to evaluate a 4 part toolset that emerged from the first stage of the Synergy project:

  • Openness - to sharing of common concepts/language
  • Connection - to sharing
  • Relinquishing self-control - embracing uncertainty /self exploration and self-discovery
  • Inclusion - adapting to the now larger context – possibly beyond the common/consensus/continuity/consciousness

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