m21 Welcomes Professor Phil Jones of the Welsh School of Architecture

See also notes on Information-Sharing Synergies
See also notes on Knowledge-Sharing Synergies
See also notes on Wisdom-Sharing Synergies

Professor Jones's gives a lecture on Data-Sharing Synergies in the Design of Buildings

A Slide from the talk maps out the range of different synergy levels

This talk was the first in a series of four that seek to map out four orders of synergy

Preliminary notes (some Data-Sharing Synergies)

  • Phil works to improve the way buildings manage (thermal) energy
  • He works in many countries - China, Middle East, Switzerland, Hong Kong, etc.
  • Scale of the task means that much of this process is more practical than theoretical.
  • This is not just at the material engineering level, it includes persuasion
  • His biggest problem is in locating and quantifying the parameters that have significant effect.
  • These are often intangible and elusive - this is unfortunate for several reasons
  • Intangibles cannot (easily) be quantified
  • Without quantification many crucial players remain unconvinced
  • We discussed the mapping of data to information
  • Arguably it is expedient to differentiate between data and information.
  • This, however, is likely to entail the setting up of arbitrary distinctions.
  • However, once we can agree on some practical boundaries we can work in teams
  • These teams can work independently and re-unify (synergise) the parts (?)
  • M21 wants to make a useful map of data
  • We used Phil's talk to begin this process - it was very useful (thank you, Phil)
  • in terms of architectural engineering we elicited the following:

some possible examples of data-sharing in the built environment:

1) Thermal mass of buildings
2) Design for passive air circulation
3) Local vegetation
4) Yearly balance of available wind:sunshine
5) Shading from direct sunshine
6) Self-cleaning surface technologies
7) Smart materials

We later discussed how to design the furniture and tools for Creative Conferencing

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