Wisdom-Sharing Synergies

Jae Mather (external link) outlines his perception of wisdom and how it might be orchestrated in a practical way

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Jae works within the realm of politics and business as an advisor on environmental and sustainable issues. He put forward the question of why we, as a society, are not effecting change? Why is there a lack of leadership when we know that the biggest variable we face is climate change? How will politians and governments tackle this?
So far it seems fear of litigation and fear of taking risks overrides the necessary actions that need to be taken.

We discussed the recent ‘Stern report’, which reveals flaws as value is only put on raw economics. How can we transform our notions of value? Today prices do not reveal the real costs and therefore not the real worth either. e.g. in production systems and other systems like air flight, food production, paper production etc.

We also discussed how public procurement has proved one way to make business adapt their processes in order to provide more sustainable solutions, e.g. the paperclip-deal. (In Japan the electronics industry has had to adapt their production process due to public procurement.)

We know that positive feedback mechanisms enable positive actions. The UK-based Futerra (external link) sustainability communications company uses positive enforcement campaigns to inspire change.

Jae explained the ratio 1-5-4 which shows that in crisis situation 1 person out of 10 will take leadership and take action. 5 will follow and form a team to help, whilst 4 will stay immobilised or even work against the situation. Apparently the military use this to identify and organise their ranks.
to be continued...

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