Olu Taiwo's (external link) Role

Olu's role at the Pines Calyx Metadesign Workshop - 2008

Team Synergy is a Type of Flow

  • Effective Metadesign will require teams of experts with the appropriate knowledge.
  • In a rational world we believe that individual behaviour is governed by the mind.
  • But complex behaviour, especially effective team work, requires more than just brains.
  • Human beings also relate to one another as bodies. (e.g. nerves, glands, senses, etc.)
  • The Gestalt psychologist, Bert Hellinger believed that we know more than we think we know.
  • Some of this 'unknown' knowledge is intuitive, some emotional, and some is experiential.
  • Team knowledge (i.e. 'field of knowing') is held collectively within, and by the group.
  • How can we develop it, and access it, in order to work in effective 'metadesign' teams?

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