Aspirations and Deliverables agreed for 2008

These were discussed on m21 meeting on Friday 4th January 2008

To create desire for action and changeA tangible, accessible dissemination that informs, transforms, inspires and seeds
101 tools for growing thingsm21 tools list
Testing toolsTesting our tools through a number of case-studies (Arcola, Pine Calyx, Jon Broom, Mathilda)
Tools evaluationEvaluating tools through comparison and benchmarking them
A manifesto for metadesignDevelop 2 languages - one for governement and one for business
Develop a case for a new metadesign professionGovernment accepts the suggestion for metadesign
Best practice guidelinesDevelop a format for benchamrks
Dissemination of our researchMetadesign book
Research disseminationCreative writing journal issue dedicated to EAD ideas
Research disseminationConference papers, report, handbook
Research disseminationSynergy mark, brand, film, sitcom?
Research disseminationPrint off wiki

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