m21 Team Meeting

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE - First routine meeting of 2008

Closed meeting held on 4th January

  • 9.15am (optional) breakfast in cafe next to New Cross Iceland supermarket
  • 10.00am - Lockwood 305 - Welcome back (+coffee) and catch-up on personal news
  • 10.15am Update on progress and m21 news
  • 10.20am Overview of project - revised outline of vision (+discussion)
  • 10.30am Outline of key m21 events in 2008 - issues arising (suggestions)
    Fast-forward - m21 project scenario for 2008
  • 11.00am BREAK

  • 11.15am Briefing and discussion of the Wisdom workshop (30th Febr

  • 1.00pm LUNCH

  • 2.00pm - (Individual/paired completion of Metadesign Tools list
  • 4.15pm - review of the day's progress


  • Julia needs to hold a group workshop to complete the run of workshops from researchers
  • Should our 'calendar of events' page be our home page?

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