What is Data and how can we Locate Synergies in Systems that Share it?


Some real and metaphorical resourcing tools used by the pushing doing team might be - measuring equipment, metal detector, compass, pasta maker, biscuit cutters, calendars, PDAs, receipt machines, sketchbooks, cheer-leading outfits, translating apparatus, parachutes, telephones, clocks, RSS data streams, today’s news paper, mind mapping software, to-do lists, black board, squared-paper, pencil case.


Some characteristics, qualities and roles that might define the pusher doer are as follows - effectors, sniffer dogs, entrepreneurs, mavericks, opportunists, antagonists, awkward agents, interrogators, adversaries, aggrevators, possibility finders, surveyors, tricksters, resourceful, process orientated, motivators, controllers, own boss, risk takers, malverns, networkers.

Questions for the group

What data do you need to make a decision?
How do you collect data to kick start your design/ decision-making process?
Where do you start?
How do you evaluate what data is useful and what data is not useful?
How can we motivate synergies to occur more often?

Possible main question to consider

How do you evaluate what data is useful and what data is not useful?

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