The Pushing Doing Team

One of four experimental teams that inform the m21 research project

  • As with all of the teams it consists of four members led by a coordinator (see below)
  • This group operates at the pragmatic level, we are driven by new possibilities and getting the job done
  • It therefore considers materials, feasibilities, organization, and results
  • One of our roles is the identification of tangible and intangible resources for metadesigning
  • These may include the potential of our co-researchers
  • This group's major role is challenging or motivating processes, achieving aims, and delivering specified outcomes

Hannah Jones (Coordinator) asks:

  • How can we measure the success of metadesigning?
  • How can we encourage, monitor and sustain the process?
  • What are the performance indicators for metadesigning?
  • What data do we need to intialise the process?
  • How do we collect the data that emerges as the process unfolds?
  • How do we know what data is relevant/irrelevant?
  • How and when can we evaluate the metadesign process to satisfy our initial aims?

Data-sharing synergies workshop, March 23rd 2007

Please view the General outcomes from Data-sharing synergies workshop
Please view the Pushing Doing working poster
Please view the Pushing Doing redesigned poster

Hannah conducted an interview with PhilJones-March07 on data-sharing synergy

Information-sharing synergies workshop, May 18th 2007

See the general outcomes from the workshop

Knowledge-sharing synergies workshop, July 6th 2007

See the Knowledge notes

Wisdom-sharing synergies workshop, January 18th 2008

See the Wisdom notes?

Creative Instability, September 28th 2007

See notes on the evaluation of the four cognitive groups, October 5th 2007
How can Languaging, Envisioning and New Knowing become a Resource for Pushing Doing?

See the Pushing and Doing group discussion at the ds21 Conference at the ICA London, November, 2005

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