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Relonics - A Synergistic Tool for Nurturing Supercomplex Systems

Vadim I. Kvitash, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, FACAAI, FAACS

The Idea of Relonics

  • Relonics is a science of control, regulation and coordination in complex, super-complex systems and in systems with infinite complexity.
  • Relonics has its own ontology, epistemology, methodology, a set of its own structural languages, and fully operational generic domain-free platform technology.
  • Relonics offers a new way of knowing which generates a novel type of structural/relational information that cannot be mined out by any other existing sciences, tools and technologies.
  • Relonics is not a balance in a mechanical sense nor is it an equilibrium or symmetry in a physical sense. Rather, each of those mechanical/physical terms can be used metaphorically and interchangeably to get insight into the counter-intuitive nature of Relons.
  • Relons as basic units of complexity have their own counterparts: two Anti-Relons and three Anti-Anti-Relons. All of them have logical properties of symmetry and also exhibit duality in their transitive/non-transitive relationships.
  • Recent developments demonstrate that Living Systems are not just complex, unique and non-linear but are also non-Euclidian in their function, organization and design although they are often presented in a quasi-Euclidian manner.
  • Relonics also show that in addition to known macro-, micro-, and nano- realities in Living Systems exists another type of reality – Relonic Reality that can be objectively identified, detected, measured and visualized.
  • Relonic Reality penetrates, connects and embraces all levels of known realities and unifies them into a unique single organism.
  • Relonics identifies mechanisms and driving forces that produce a burst of different types of infinite complexities.
  • Relonics shows that in Living Systems no disorders exist. What does exist is only orders of differently shaped structural organizations. Disorders should be correctly applied to analysis of rigidly designed physical systems.
  • As a way of demonstrating new developments in Relonics, I will present cases from the field of medicine.

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