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Barbican, London, March 2005~~#0099CC; background:">Some ds21au_g Working Papers and Drafts

see some quotes | download Christoph Raatz's - Summary of Papers (pdf file)

TOP 10 KEYWORDS (most frequent first):

Context | Cross-disciplinarity | Complexity | Mutuality | Benefit | Emergence | Value | Information | Awareness | Organic

Professor Karen Blincoe - Is-Metadesign-the-Solution?

Andrew Carmichael (paper pending)

Caroline Davey - From Sustainability to Socially Responsible Design

Richard Douthwaite Increasing Global Synergy by Re- Designing the Economic System

Bill Dunster's summary of the pushing & doing team's discussion at the ICA 2005

Elisa Giaccardi - Sowing the Seeds for Co- Creation in the Multidimensional Space of Meta-Design

Professor Naomi Gornick - Education for Metadesign

Hannah Jones - Keyword-Awkward-Space and Implicate Designing and Metadesign

Prof. Phil Jones - BuildingEnvironments

Prof. Milan Jaros - Space Warps

Dr. Vadim I. Kvitash -RelonicsNotes

Dr. Vadim I. Kvitash & Boris Gorbis -LivingRelonics

Professor Otto van Nieuwenhuijze - Enhancing Synergy

Otto van Nieuwenhuijze & John Wood - Sympoiesis

Jan- Marc Petroshka - SynergisticUrbanCommunity

Peter Spring & John Wood Memetics in 'Metadesign'

John Wood - The Context of ds21, (draft version), Synergy in Urban Planning, and Benchmarking of Ethical Synergies (abstract)

Professor Martin Woolley - Synergy in Design Research

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