The Idea of Wisdom

A Open Colloquium in January 2008

A Daunting Issue?

  • We invited some visitors (e.g. Jae Mather) to explore the idea of wisdom-sharing synergy
  • We might see wisdom as (someone's/some being's) understanding (but where, when and for how long?) of multi-layered relations.
  • Wisdom might be like (one's) being able to see 'the big picture' and the unique role of every entity in the context of the world.
  • If a single mortal individual cannot achieve this...what scale of consciousness might attain it?
    in other can we create what Teilhard de Chardin described as noogenesis (external link)
  • Download JW's paper The Wisdom of Nature = The Nature of Wisdom (2003)
  • See James Lovelock's Gaia (external link) hypothesis
  • And what Buckminster Fuller called Nature's synergy-of-synergies (external link)
  • But some experts such as Zeleny, Ackoff and Cooley see wisdom as the apex of a hierarchy (external link)

Other views

  • "Wisdom is not knowledge, but lies in the use we make of knowledge." (N. Sri Ram)
  • "Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis. But wisdom comes by putting things together." (John A. Morrison)
  • "Universe apparently is omnisynergetic. No single part of experience will ever be able to explain the behaviour of the whole. The more experience one has, the more opportunity there is to discover the synergetic effects, such as to be able to discern a generalized principle, for instance. Then discovery of a plurality of generalized principles permits the discovery of the synergetic effects of their complex interactions. The synergetic metaphysical effect produced by the interaction of the known family or generalized principles is probably what is spoken of as wisdom" (R. B. Fuller).

Can wisdom be shared?

If yes, then how?

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