Friday 18th July

m21 closed meeting

HJHannah + MTMathilda gave papers at the Changing the Change (external link) conference in Torino

JBkJohn & JWJohn's paper Mapping Network Consciousness was accepted at the Consciousness Reframed (external link) conference in Vienna



  • 9.30 - Coffee in Iceland for those who feel like an early morning

JBk+HJ- 5 minutes of gossip from Austria and Italy?
HJWorking with the film footage - meta-tagging data?
JB... and getting some editing done (positioning tool workshops, I vote for)
JW (sounds good to me) I also need to catch up with funding / writing-up / being back in London
JL I will work from home but could be here in the morning but not what is the best use of my time. I could do with a phone call!


AL2pm : Skype conversation re. analysis of video documentation and other updates from NY
HJEvaluating tools
JBCarrying on editing
like this? JW

Tools - the saga continues...

  • Wiki pages maintenance:
    • Page name convention (should start m21tool or similar?)
    • Categorisation of tool pages (and subcategories?)
  • Do we need another database (Tracker) to manage these better, or is EndThingy? doing it now?
    • HJ We are not using EndNote? at the moment to organise the tools but this is something that I can get on with if people think it might be helpful?
    • JB I'm not sure EndNote? data could be mixed in with the wiki - these Tracker databases are built into TikiWiki so would link easily with the existing wiki pages.